Reflection 34

Workers’ compensation is an essential safety net for injured workers, and it benefits all participants in our economy. Most systems need a better safe harbor, however, so that injured workers can attempt to return to work without losing their benefits. It’s time to move the focus of workers’ compensation beyond an adversarial benefit/denial structure to a supported return to work.

~Douglas Grauel, Esquire

Mr. Grauel is workers’ compensation attorney in New Hampshire. Learn more at



Find Information. Connect People. The IAIABC is an association of government agencies that administer and regulate their jurisdiction’s workers' compensation acts. Along with these government entities, various private organizations involved in the delivery of workers' compensation coverage and benefits participate in the IAIABC. Since its inception in 1914 the IAIABC has worked to improve and clarify laws, identify model laws and procedures, develop and implement standards, and provide education and information sharing. We strive to gather the best resources available to solve the practical administrative and operational problems of our members.
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